What We Offer

At Praemia Group, through our consulting and coaching services, we help build the leadership, structures, and market-based solutions that enable individuals and companies to. We are about applying our expertise to changing the game. That means working with leaders who seek to re-define success, re-invent the rules, imagine new possibilities for their market and organization — and then take bold action to make them happen.

Our leadership theory and practical tools have been used to produce unprecedented results in projects like:

  • Accelerated-growth
  • Merger and Acquisition Leadership Integration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Alignment
  • Transitions from founding ownership to successor management
  • Breakthroughs in Innovation

Our coaches and consultants have decades of experience creating breakthroughs with tens of thousands of leaders in large and small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

Using an integrated coaching and consulting approach, clients address strategically critical challenges by developing and implementing unpredictable solutions using Praemia’s processes and tools listed below. They master how to use every conversation, meeting and project as an opportunity to produce unprecedented results that serve all stakeholders.


Building a High Performance Organization

Whichever way we begin our journey with you and your organization, most often we start with the Executive Team.  The power of our work with your organization is in our partnership with you and in service of the results you are committed to.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for individual senior executives, senior managers and high potential leaders who are committed to being a force for change in the companies in which they work and who are up to something profound in their work and lives.

Discovery Labs

The Discovery Labs: An online and real time facilitated conversation

  • Surface and map the current facts and perceptions of reality
  • Explore existing assessments and mindsets
  • Reveal the missing conversations, mindsets, capabilities and other conditions that will either help or hinder the creation of your intended future

We will conduct Discovery Labs with your team or key stakeholders in which we explore existing views and mindsets in your organization regarding critical goals and the opportunities, constraints and breakdowns as seen from various perspectives.

Team Coaching

Coaching for executive teams, senior staff teams, transformation initiative leadership teams and mission critical project teams who are committed to exceeding their usual limits in service of their company’s vision of the future.

Alignment — eliminating drag and building speed

So many executives say “I work on my communication. I felt certain everyone understood the goals and their part in delivering them, but when the meeting is over it is more of a scatter than a line in the same direction. Why do I have to keep telling them?”

It sounds so simple and yet we often don’t get to that feeling of truly pulling together in the same direction. We will work on the court with you and your team to both create alignment for the objectives of today and to leave you with the power to continually create an aligned team.


Breakthrough is a concept we are all familiar with but for all our intentions it is very difficult to replicate it. Gain the capacity to reliably produce Breakthroughs in your organization. We will work with you and your team to create the pathway to produce breakthroughs in mission critical areas of your business.


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