Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca, is an executive coach and personal advisor to CEO’s, board directors and senior executives committed to achieving unprecedented results.

His clients include the leaders of global organizations like Allstate, General Motors, Hughes Aircraft, Men’s Wearhouse, Novartis, Reebok, Sears, Whole Foods and the United Nations. He has also worked with professional and college sports coaches.

Vince’s work with several thousand senior executives and board members has helped them reinvigorate or reinvent their companies and markets. DiBianca says, “most organizational change efforts fall short as they collide with interpersonal and cultural issues embedded in the prevailing system. Expert strategic advice and process improvements make little difference until leaders develop communication, reflection and inquiry skills to address the real underlying issues”.

Clients have employed his leadership theory and practical tools on diverse projects like: mergers and acquisitions, high-growth, product innovation, cost re-structuring, strategic re-focusing, team alignment and transitions from founding ownership to successor management.

Earlier in his career, Vince served as retailing industry partner of Touche Ross (now Deloitte & Touche); operated a financial services company, built a sizeable management consulting firm and was a senior executive at Computer Science Corporation.

He has guest lectured at Harvard, MIT’s Sloan School, USC and Wharton School and serves as a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, member of American Sustainable Business Council, director of the World Business Academy and co-founder of the Business Alliance for the Future.

Vince and his partner, Patricia live on a farm outside of Princeton, NJ with a menagerie of animals and frequently visiting children and grandchildren.

Vincent DiBianca’s interview at the Flourish & Prosper Global Forum

Select Clients

  • Allstate
  • Asia Pacific Land
  • Deloitte Touche
  • General Motors
  • Hughes Aircraft
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • McGraw Hill
  • McCain Foods Limited
  • Novartis
  • Reebok
  • Sears
  • Thomas Jefferson University & Hospital System
  • United Nations
  • Whole Foods

Read What Our Clients Say About Vince:

“Observing a significant shift in the educational publishing industry from print to digital and dealing with a recent realignment of our business, we engaged Praemia to assist us in envisioning and realizing our new future in digital education. They coached us through a process that allowed us to look at our company and the world differently and which delivered unprecedented quantifiable results. We were able to establish projects and priorities in innovation, communication and teamwork that are absolutely critical in our current business environment. Working together, Vince, Dave and Don are delivering a customized approach that develops our leadership team, nurtures innovative ideas and promotes partnership. Their flexibility, cooperativeness and adaptability to our needs goes beyond a standard coaching engagement: they have helped us create relationships with individuals and companies outside of our normal network that support our key transformational initiatives and have provided valuable coaching to us as individuals and as a team to significantly improve the way we educate and learn.”
—Mark Mooney
Senior VP and CIO, Global Technology Systems
McGraw Hill Education

“Praemia engaged and challenged our leadership team to create a compelling vision for our company that would take us beyond the status quo. Their ability to really push us to think with more clarity and more boldness about the difference we could make in the world has added real value. We are now not only taking action to realize the breakthrough results we envisioned, but we have also begun engaging our senior leadership from around the world in committed conversations about the impact we want to have on people and the environment.”
—Mike Moshier
Senior VP, Human Resources and Executive Coach, Novartis
Formerly Global Head, Human Resources, Novartis Consumer Health, OTC

“Vince helped us lead from a new perspective: instead of simply advancing the satellite communications industry with our work, we were building a satellite to create a breakthrough in connecting humankind so that events like Tiananmen Square would never go unseen again…. that made all the difference in terms of linking our vision to what was important to our people and to humanity.”
—Tony Iorillo
Vice Chairman
Hughes Space and Communications Group

“A year after I took over the leadership of St. Joseph’s, we received the lowest rating in the province in terms of patient satisfaction. Having previously led an award-winning hospital, I was extremely frustrated that none of our strategies to transform the organization had worked. Vince effectively shifted my perspective by pointing out that an organizational culture can transform when the leader does. I started coming from the place that this was my hospital, my standard of care, my reality. Even in an environment hostile to consultants, they helped us achieve breakthrough results within six months—a full 4 years ahead of what provincial authorities had claimed was possible. Within two years, we were at the top of our peer hospitals within the Greater Toronto area and staff were talking about how they had ‘done it themselves’, a true sign of success. We all learned how to build a sustainable culture, one that continues to this day—even though I left the organization 5 years ago.”
—Marilyn Emery
President and CEO, Women’s College Hospital and
Former President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto)

“I think Vince is an amazing coach: he helped me take a deep hard look at myself and how I acted as both a leader and a person and truly changed my life. While our business had been very successful over the years, our management team had stalled (me, too). Vince helped me reconnect and communicate with my team on an entirely different level. More importantly, he permanently changed the way I communicate and work with my partner. This enabled me and our company to weather a very challenging time in our business and come out on top. I definitely could not have done it without his coaching and I could not recommend him more highly to anyone looking to re-energize their business or their life.”
—Richard Reitknecht
President, Asia Pacific Land Co.


“To produce unparalleled results, yesterday’s leader needed to be smart, bold and committed. Today’s leader needs all that plus an acute self-awareness, an integrated worldview and fresh skills to lead people in building a sustainable future.”
—Vince DiBianca