Marie Case

Marie Case, a senior partner of the Praemia Group, has worked for 30 years with senior leaders across the globe on the design and implementation of large and complex change initiatives. She is skilled at guiding leaders on both a personal and organizational transformative journey by bringing their hearts and minds to serve the organization’s deeper purpose.

Marie has worked with senior teams at some of the world’s largest corporations including Novartis, Whole Foods, Sears and British Telecom, helping them to navigate both their business journey of producing results and the change journey of creating a new future. She spent the first 15 years of her career working on post merger and acquisition integration of executive leadership teams where her clients included Reebok and British Petroleum.

Working at the level of organizational culture and leadership development, Marie helps her clients embed new leadership mindsets and requisite skills so the change process is widely distributed, “owned” by all stakeholders and sustainable. Marie’s commitment is to work with people and companies that know what they stand for matters. She has a passion for working with leaders who see profit as the scoreboard for a larger game – leaders grounded in purpose who have the capability to instigate, lead and sustain change in a way that transforms their business and creates win/win for all their stakeholders.

Marie was Vice President at CSC Index and a partner at The DiBianca-Berkman Group. As V.P. at CSC Index, she led the Management Transformation Practice for Europe. Her clients have included Allstate, Novartis, Reebok, BP, and Whole Foods. Marie has been on the forefront of developing and applying language theory and practices to accelerate high performance to deliver breakthroughs in business.

Marie partnered with representatives from the Secretary General’s office of the United Nations to form a team of key business leaders focused on exploring how business can contribute to the delivery of strategic global goals. For the past eight years she has been a passionate participant in the Conscious Capitalism Movement. Marie serves on the Board of Directors of the World Business Academy ( and is a founder of the Business Alliance for the Future (

Select Clients

  • Bechtel
  • Boston Whaler
  • British Petroleum
  • Castrol
  • Hughes Space and Communications
  • Mobil
  • Novartis
  • Reebok
  • Rockport
  • Uno Chicago Grill

Read What Our Clients Say About Marie:

“Marie effectively coached our senior executive teams in the delivery of their business imperatives—and was invaluable not only when they were dealing with performance gaps, but also when new opportunities arose that required a new level of thinking, leadership and behavior to make them happen.”
—June Boyle
Group OD Director, British Telecom

“Marie’s ability to help executives and individual contributors uncover the unspoken issues within a welcoming, productive setting could be considered an art form. She is very talented and a master at enriching leaders to lead with integrity, collaboration and success.”
—Natalie Kloss
Director of Business Development, Vytek

“Marie worked with me from the beginning of the merger in Europe of two oil majors, one American and one British multinational. Our unit was responsible for supply trading and logistics operations within and across the countries of Europe. The new entity was challenged to establish safe, effective and efficient operations across Europe and the rationalization of two workforces within a novel organizational model, while reaping all the rewards of the merger. Despite differing corporate and national cultures, we had a blast developing a team that was hugely successful in addressing the immediate two-year challenges. Simultaneously, through coaching and leadership development, we enabled the team to invent and realize the best of aspirational futures for itself and the company.”
—Harry Rowson
Group VP, Supply and Distribution, British Petroleum


“We as consultants can provide support, expertise and counsel—but it has to be their journey. Their people need to see them owning and driving it. I believe that if we get on the slippery slope of having the journey led by outside consultants, the effort is doomed to failure in the long run.”
—Marie Case