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If Planet Earth were a business enterprise, no executive could look at the metrics — whether melting glaciers or widening income disparity, whether disappearing rainforests or the global economic crisis — and not come to the same conclusion: we need a turnaround.

Fortunately, there is an emerging new paradigm in which business moves beyond being purely profit-driven and finds new purpose in bringing real value to a world facing immense global challenges. At Praemia Group, we believe that business holds the key to global transformation and that businesses can prosper operating with values of sustainability, justice, interdependence, and human fulfillment.

Through our consulting and coaching services, we help build the leadership, structures, and market-based solutions that enable individuals and companies to thrive while contributing to the greater good.

In the emerging business paradigm, what’s good for business is good for the world. The Praemia Group can help your company launch a deeper, purpose-driven direction, expand and implement an existing vision, and scale up your operation to create truly game-changing results.


With Laura Roberts

“Until I worked with Praemia I had this repeating feeling of exasperation when action plans would break down. It felt like I was in the movie Groundhog Day. That all changed when I came to really understand how critical the process of creating alignment is to a company. Once we began our work with Praemia, I started to see clearly that my assumptions that the team shared the same understanding of the commitments were incorrect. With Praemia’s partnership and methodology real transformation started to occur. We are now truly aligned with a deep shared understanding and together we are on a business journey and a change journey to scale our business and change the chemical industry.”
–Laura Roberts, CEO Pantheon Enterprises


What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Praemia Team helped me regard breakdowns in communication and trust as growth opportunities for myself, other employees and the organization.”
—Phil Warburg
President, Conservation Law Foundation


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