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Consulting and Coaching for Game Changing Leadership

Lead from the front—beyond what’s possible—to achieve unprecedented results. That’s what’s needed, and what’s happening, to be successful in today’s landscape of exponential change, glaring transparency, radically shifting consumer attitudes and unparalleled global challenges.

We now live in a world where “better-than” results, or even big improvements, are wholly inadequate. The cost of incremental change is starkly clear: disappearing long-standing industries, collapsing landmark companies and emerging unpredictable marketplaces.

Alongside this demand for results is a rising public cry for business leaders to step up and serve the collective good. We see more leaders aligning with this dual challenge: “make more profit” and “make a better world.”

These leaders hear our unsettled world’s demands and are committed to producing unprecedented contributions for their stakeholders – all of them. What’s more, we see strikingly positive evidence that companies that focus on adding value for all stakeholders consistently outperform those focused primarily on shareholder value.*

This is the winning scenario—unprecedented results and societal contribution.

For over forty years, the Praemia Group team has been at the forefront with CEOs, boards and senior executives who want to break from status quo complacency. We help them build the kind of competencies in themselves, and their teams, that they then use to deliver unprecedented results.

Our clients are game-changing leaders who inspire people to go beyond what was previously thought possible. These leaders operate from the vanguard: not only transforming their organizations and markets, but also reshaping the business of the world and the world of business.

We invite you to join us.

*References: HIP Investor, R. Paul Herman & Firms of Endearment, Raj Sisodia


Vincent DiBianca’s interview at the Flourish & Prosper Global Forum


What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Praemia Team’s coaching helped me appreciate my own capabilities as a leader at a much greater depth.”
—Mark F. Hulse
Chief Information Officer, Northshore Medical Center, Partners HealthCare System


Our Clients

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Whole Foods Market
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